Electrical work

Energo-Invest-Service LLC - Works on installation of engineering systems of administrative, residential, private, industrial, warehouse and other objects.


  The list of works performed includes: electrical work, lightning protection, grounding, access control, video surveillance, fire extinguishing systems and fire alarms, installation of solar power plants, solar systems.

List of works performed by the company

The lighting is internal tavulic

Transformer stations

Lines of cable, 0,4-10kV line.

Lightning protection, grounding

Video surveillance

Security and fire alarms

Access control

Solar power plants

Stages of work

1.Specialist answers all your questions, estimates the cost of work, materials and deadlines. Agrees the date and time of departure of our engineer.

2.Free departure of the engineer to the object on the day of treatment

3.Our engineer goes to the object for inspection and measurement at a convenient time for you.

4. Free working project (if needed)

5.Sign a contract for the implementation of electrical work, indicating the terms, characteristics of your premises, as well as the cost of work and materials

6. Selection, purchase and delivery of materials to the object

We only work with quality materials from leading manufacturers, taking into account the individual characteristics of your facility.

The purchase and delivery of materials is already included in the price.

7. Performing electrical work (all work is performed in accordance with DBN and PUE under the guidance of an experienced engineer)

8. Perform commissioning

9. Measurements of insulation resistance of PA transient contact resistances (provide technical report)

We abide by the laws and rules of silence when carrying out construction work.

10.Remove construction debris and leave the room clean.

11. Delivery of completed works to the Customer

We are demonstrating the operation of the power supply system: the work of switches, switches, sockets, lighting points. Sign the act of acceptance-delivery of completed works.

12.You pay the cost of works under the contract.